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Selling Antiques Shop uses a complex set of find instructions that operate in the background and bring great deal suggestions on antiques and collectables directly to your pc or mobile phone screen.

When clicking on our links be sure to look for our 'Top Rated' listings, these are identified by our 'TOP RATED SELLER' logo next to the item picture and moreoften denotes that the item has a 14-day (or longer) return policy with Money Back option, 1-day Handling Time or better and is listed by a Top-Rated Seller. We list items that often have FREE UK Postage options and do have a seller feedback rating of 50 or above. More information can be found by clicking on an item and viewing the details.

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Antique Clocks

Antique Clocks...

Selling Antiques Shop has an outstanding range of antique clocks ready to be bought, given a loving home and to be adored for years to come. Whether an enthusiastic antique clock collector, or a novice, Selling Antiques Shop will endeavour to suggest an antique clock to meet your needs.

Antique Bracket Clocks

Antique Cuckoo Clocks

Antique Longcase and Grandfather Clocks

Antique Mantel and Carriage Clocks

Antique Wall Clocks

Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture...

Antique furniture is thought of as a worthy addition to any home as it is both practical and decorative. It is considered as a beautiful historic investment of some importance and pieces are often collected, well cared for and highly cherished.

Antique Armoires and Wardrobes

Antique Beds

Antique Benches and Stools

Antique Bookcases

Antique Boxes and Chests

Antique Bureaux

Antique Cabinets

Antique Chairs

Antique Chests of Drawers

Antique Coffers

Antique Desks

Antique Dressers

Antique Dressing Tables

Antique Lamps

Antique Mirrors

Antique Sideboards

Antique Sofas and Chaises

Antique Stands

Antique Tables



Antiquities, objects from antiquity, whether of Greece and Rome, Ancient Egypt or other Ancient Near Eastern cultures and periods in time are highly prized and collected throughout the world. Selling Antiques Shop searches for great antiquities deal suggestions and presents them to you in an easy to follow format on your computer, tablet or phone. Just click on a link below.

Americas Antiquities

British Antiquities

Chinese Antiquities

Egyptian Antiquities

European Antiquities

Greek Antiquities

Irish Antiquities

Near Eastern Antiquities

Prehistoric Antiquities

Roman Antiquities

Russian Antiquities

Scandinavian Antiquities

Other Antiquities

Architectural Antiques

Architectural Antiques...

Whether you are looking for that special focal point fireplace, antique tiles for that fireplace or any other definitive architectural antique, Selling Antiques Shop will help you find what you are looking for by providing you with 100s, if not 1000s, of suggestions.

Antique Chandeliers

Antique Doors

Door Bells and Knockers

Antique Fireplaces

Antique Garden

Antique Hardware and Home

Antique Hooks and Brackets

Antique Light Switches

Antique locks and Keys

Antique Plaques

Antique Signs

Antique Stained Glass

Antique Stair and Carpet Rods

Antique Tiles

Antique Weather Vanes and Lightning Rods

Antique Windows / Sashes / Locks

Architectural Antiques Other

Asian And Ethnographic Antiques

Asian And Ethnographic Antiques...

Asian and ethnographic antiques have been bought, sold and shipped around the world for centuries, whether as a result of mass import / export via trading arrangements between countries or simply as a much loved piece individually brought back from a trip abroad. Many of these beautiful and important pieces become available for purchase after adorning the shelves, tables and walls of private houses and antique stores throughout Europe and the U.S.A

Chinese Antiques

Indian Antiques

Middle Eastern Antiques

Japanese Antiques

South East Asian Antiques

Tibetan Antiques

African Antiques

Latin American Antiques

Native American Antiques

Australasian / Oceanian Antiques

Other Asian Antiques

Other Ethnographic Antiques

Antique Textiles

Antique Textiles...

Antique textiles are often, by their manufacture, delicate in nature and many pieces do not survive the test of time, however, those antique textiles that do survive are much sought after for their beauty and intricacy. These textiles are often hand made, using skills and techniques painstakingly learned and applied in an age before mechanisation.

Antique Embroidery

Antique Fabric

Antique Lace and Crochet

Antique Linens

Antique Pillows

Antique Quilts

Antique Samplers

Antique Tapestries

Antique Carpets And Rugs

Other Antique Textiles

Antique Maps And Globes

Antique Maps And Globes...

Antique maps and globes do not only provide a wonderful talking point for the office, living room and study but moreoften have been meticulously created to perform a practical use in bygone times as navigational or territorial identification aids. Whatever the purpose, antique maps and globes rarely fail to provoke great interest and admiration.

Antique Africa Maps

Antique Asia Maps

Antique Australia / Oceania Maps

Central America Maps

Antique Europe Maps

Antique North America Maps

Antique South America Maps

Antique World Maps

Antique Celestial Maps

Antique Curiosity Maps

Digital Maps

Antique World and Celestial Globes

Antique Mixed Maps and Globes

Repro Maps and Globes

Antique Metalware

Antique Metalware...

Reference made to antique metalware encompasses items made from precious metals such as gold and silver as well as the non precious such as bronze, brass, copper and tin. There are a vast array of antique metalware items available from most parts of the world representing all manner of decorative art from a great number of different periods in history.

Antique Brass

Antique Bronze

Antique Cast Iron

Antique Copper

Antique Gold

Antique Solid Silver

Antique Silver Plate

Antique Pewter

Antique Spelter

Antique Tin

Antique Wrought Iron

Other Antique Metalware

Antique Musical Instruments

Antique Musical Instruments...

Arguably Antique musical instruments provide an artistic impression in three dimensions, these dimensions being combined in individual look, feel and sound of every piece. Often antique intruments have been hand crafted and been the subject of much love and care from the makers hands thru to yours.

Brass Instruments

Keyboard Instruments

Percussion Instruments

String Instruments

Wind Instruments

Other Antique Instruments

Antique Scientific And medical Instruments

Antique Scientific And Medical Instruments...

Antique scientific and medical instruments can be viewed as complex and intriquing items to the untrained eye, often speculated upon as to possible uses. To the trained eye they are much admired as items of intrinsic beauty that once had a most practical human use.

Antique Medical Instruments

Antique Scientific Instruments

Other Antique Scientific Instruments

Antique Woodenware

Antique Woodenware...

Whether for rustic appeal or that more refined, there is sure to be an item of antique woodenware that will take your eye. The craftmanship involved in creating these pieces is often admired for the skill and patience involved in manfacture let alone the exquisite decorative value.

Antique Wooden Bowls

Antique Wooden Boxes

Antique Wooden Candlesticks

Antique Wooden Figures

Antique Wooden Ornaments

Antique Wooden Pots

Antique Wooden Stands

Antique Wooden Tea Caddies

Antique Wooden Trays

Antique Treen

Antique Walking Sticks

Antique Wooden Writing Slopes

Other Antique Woodenware

Antiques By Period And Style

Antiques By Period And Style...

Period antiques can be defined by the underlying artistic style in vogue during the time period in which they were made. These artistic styles shaped the aesthetic appeal of the pieces made and often are believed to have reflected, or created in some instances, the look and 'feel' of the period's prevalent social dynamic.

Aesthetic Movement

Art Deco

Art Nouveau

Arts And Crafts Movement